Estate Management

Residents and other occupiers of Nansledan will have a direct say on maintaining the vision and aesthetic of their neighbourhoods through the formation of local management companies of which they will be members.

The management of the public areas at Nansledan will be undertaken by these management companies set up by the Duchy and the builders’ consortium. Each quarter will have its own management company with owners of residential, commercial and community properties within the quarter becoming members.  The management of the overall Nansledan Estate, public areas and major facilities which serve the whole of the Nansledan, will be undertaken by The Nansledan Management Company, of which the Quarter Management Companies will be members.

Owners of properties in a quarter will enter into a standard form Estate Deed for the quarter. This will cover the provision of services by the Quarter Management Company and each owner’s obligation to pay the relevant service charge.

The Estate Deed will also cover the provision of services by The Nansledan Management Company in respect of its public areas and major facilities.  The Quarter Management Companies will pay the Nansledan Estate service charge to The Nansledan Management Company.

Owners of properties within a quarter, as members of the relevant Quarter Management Company, will be able to participate in that capacity in the management of the relevant quarter.  When owners sell their properties the incoming owners will enter into the relevant Estate Deed.