Inspired by The Prince’s Vision

Nansledan is an extension to the Cornish coastal town of Newquay on Duchy of Cornwall land that embodies the principles of architecture and urban planning championed by HRH The Prince of Wales.

The Prince has long been concerned with the quality of the natural and built environment, urging a return to sustainable human-scale development that is land-efficient, uses low-carbon materials and is less car dependant. His vision is to plan connected urban centres where mixed-income housing, shops, offices and leisure facilities combine so that daily needs can be met within walkable neighbourhoods.

Development should enhance the quality of life, strengthen the bonds of community and place, and give people a sense of pride in where they live. Buildings should look as if they belong in the landscape, drawing on regional traditional styles, where the use of local materials and craftsmanship is vital to the aesthetic and the local economy. Nansledan is all these things, embodying timeless principles that have created enduring communities the length and breadth of Britain.

Local Materials & Craftsmanship

Every building in Nansledan has been designed to fit harmoniously with the overall masterplan concept of a traditional Cornish community.

This includes using local slate and granite quarried and worked from within an hour of the site.

Local sourcing is hugely important to the Duchy. It impacts positively on the local economy, reflects local identity and meets sustainability objectives.

It also keeps traditional construction methods alive and creates durable, energy-efficient buildings.

Nansledan is leading a revival in the use of Cornish materials by employing local craftsmen passing their skills through apprenticeships to the next generation.

Supporting the Cornish Economy

Some of the slate for Nansledan comes from Trevillett Quarry near Tintagel, less than an hour away. Every slate is hand split by skilled craftsmen. The quarry has taken on five new employees and invested in new equipment to meet demand, with hundreds of tonnes supplied.


Granite kerbing stones, paving, lintels and window sills for Nansledan come from De Lank Quarry near Bodmin, renowned for its beauty, durability and strength. This has helped safeguard 15 jobs and create two more, with more in the pipeline as building work continues.


Cut slate for Nansledan, including sills and street signage, comes from Delabole Slate Quarry in North Cornwall, which has been in operation for 800 years. Rustic stone for housing and Cornish hedges is from the family-owned Callywith Quarry on the edge Bodmin.