Nansledan is leading a revival in the use of Cornish materials by employing local craftsmen passing down skills to the next generation through apprenticeships. This is made possible by working with the same group of South West housebuilders for the lifetime of the project, and forging long-term relationships with local suppliers and craftsmen.

In time, the intention is that Nansledan has its own estate yard, training people in the use of local materials and traditional crafts, and offering apprenticeships to learn new skills. CG Fry & Son, Morrish Builders and Wainhomes all provide apprenticeships on site.

The Morrish team currently has three sets of fathers and sons working on Nansledan. Kevin and son Lewis are part of WBM ground work team. Lewis works two days a week on site and studies at Truro College in Building Skills. Chris and son Fen are part of the Brickfast mason team. Fen works on site for four days and studies at St. Austell College in Masonry Skills. Pete and sons Johnny and Taylor who also part of the Brickfast mason team. They are doing an on-site assessment course in Masonry Skills.

At CG Fry, two apprentices employed on site include Ryan Samoluk, 24, and Allan Varly, 20, both from Newquay, who are studying for a Level 2 NVQ in plastering.

“Ryan and Allan have been a real asset to the business from day one and are very keen to learn. We have been teaching them some old school rendering methods such as in situ mouldings, beadless corners and ashlar cutting which tend not to be used so much these days but are common features at Nansledan and will stand them in good stead as the build progresses” – Kevin Murch, Director, CG Fry & Son

Wainhomes currently has three apprentices working at Nansledan, including a painter, groundworker and dryliner.

“Apprentices show a commitment not only to training but a commitment to the construction industry and the next generation of construction workers. We are already seeing what a lack of training does to an industry and construction has one of the highest skills shortages. So taking on apprentices and handing down skills is key to the success and future of our industry” – Adrian Youngman, Construction Director, Wainhomes