Green Spaces and Leisure

Nansledan includes a variety of community gardens, parks and squares distributed evenly throughout the development, offering convenient outdoor recreation and growing space for everyone to enjoy. There are also plans for an urban farm at Gusti Vean.

A highlight is Pras Trewolek (Trewolek Meadow), occupying 75 acres of farmland on the eastern edge of Nansledan which is being transformed into an outdoor haven for the community.

Around two thirds of the site has been seeded to create more than 50 acres of wildflower rich grasslands.

There will be a mixture of hay meadows and permanent pasture, with new broadleaf woodlands and a hazel coppice to encourage traditional crafts like basket and hurdle making.

Some 3.7 km of pathways will crisscross the area, including 1.7km accessible by wheelchair, with new walkways and viewing platforms over wetland areas, traditional Cornish hedges and seating. Pras Trewolek is expected to be fully open in Spring 2020.

Park an Chapel is on land between Nansledan and Quintrell Downs and is being created using soil from Nansledan which would otherwise have to be transported to landfill. This is an example of how the Duchy has thought hard about solutions that add value both to the community and the environment.

Park an Chapel will include a community orchard, two allotment gardens, recreation space, a network of pedestrian and cycle paths, and grazing land.

The broad green corridor along the valley of the Chapel Stream will be retained and enhanced, with areas for walking and play, and there will be a recreation ground connected to a network of footpaths and cycleways across Nansledan designed to promote health and wellbeing.

The recreation ground will serve the new primary school and include playing fields and a pavilion.

The Newquay Community Orchard continues to take shape on seven acres of land gifted by the Duchy of Cornwall on the western edge of Nansledan.