Personal training studio takes Nansledan to new strengths

Personal training studio takes Nansledan to new strengths

Personal training studio takes Nansledan to new strengths Fitness Coach Brendan at Moore Movement Fitness

Moore Movement Fitness opened its doors to clients in January 2022 and provides the community with high performance gym equipment in a cutting-edge facility.

Personal trainer Brendan brings 21 years of coaching experience with him to this new premier training studio.

Starting as a tennis coach back when he was just 16 years old, Brendan went on to become a water sports instructor for 10+ years, teaching surfing and coasteering in Newquay.

When Brendan decided it was time to make a change in his career, he took himself back to college and studied for his personal training and gym qualifications and set off in the fitness industry.

After about a school years’ worth of studying and passing both his level 2 and 3 personal training (PT) courses, he began working in a gym and training clients on a one-to-one basis, launching his brand ‘Moore Movement Fitness’ in 2020.

“Weirdly, I think 2020 was probably one of the best years for me, I actually managed to grow my business and bring a lot out of it.” Said Brendan, who began his career as a full time self-employed personal trainer during the pandemic.

When asked how being in lockdown helped him progress, Brendan said: “I was pretty on it, I was straight on Zoom with my clients saying, ‘right we’re not going to stop this, we’re going to keep going, get whatever equipment you can, whatever kind of weights you can, that maybe tins of baked beans, water bottles, whatever’.”

Opening his own gym had always been on Brendan’s radar, and when restrictions eased, Brendan started training in person again, only this time it was outdoors. He began taking on even more clients which is when he realised, now was the perfect time to open his own training studio.

“To be honest, I was just looking around everywhere, a couple of places fell through, then I got in touch with Morrish builders and they put me in touch with the Duchy of Cornwall.

“It’s always a blessing in disguise when other things fall through, Nansledan is such a nice place to be. It’s a really nice environment and when I get here in the mornings, the light from the sunrise, it’s just beautiful.”

When the chance came to move to a high street location in the heart of a new community in Newquay, Brendan jumped at the opportunity and began planning straight away. He said: “I know what Nansledan is going to end up being, this is going to be amazing. It’s just going to go from strength to strength.”

The studio has already had a positive impact on the Nansledan community.

Moore Movement is in walking distance for residents and just a short commute for clients outside of Nansledan, providing a high standard facility to those wanting to improve their fitness.

“I’m just here to try and make a positive impact on people’s lives,” said Brendan.

“It’s great to try and be slimmer and lose body fat, but what I try, and prefer to work towards is performance goals, just feeling more confident, stronger, fitter and when you concentrate on those things, the aesthetics come along as well.”

Brendan specialises in small group personal training (SGPT), the middle point between a one-to-one PT session and group exercise classes.

“Sometimes on-to-one can be a bit out of reach for people and with group exercise classes you’ve got 10 to 15+ people in a class, so people can’t really get the attention they need and might get forgotten.” he said.

SGPT provides the client with the attention and guidance they may require to help them reach their fitness goals at an affordable price, while enjoying training around other people too.

“With some clients, I go deep into nutrition, but some aren’t too bothered they just want to feel better”.

Brendan said the best part about being a coach is having an impact on people’s lives, on a daily and weekly basis. He said: “As exhausted as they may feel when they walk out of here, they feel great”.

Brendan’s plans for Moore Movement Fitness is to continue working within the Nansledan community to provide a “slightly different product, a higher end product, and a better service than you would find in a standard gym”.

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